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Atlanta's Premier Spray Foam Insulation Source
Spray Foam Insulation of Atlanta GA are experts at Commercial Spray Foam Insulation, after all thats how we started our business, serving up spray foam for commercial esablishments before residential spray foam became so popular, so commercial establishments can truly benfit from our 10 years of experience.

In our energy-conscious world, one of the key phrases is "Building Envelope," which is the system of components that protects against movement of air, moisture and heat. As one of the most efficient insulation materials available, spray applying a layer of Spray Foam onto the surface will provide excellent insulation in lesser thicknesses than other insulating materials. However, the R-value of the insulation system is no longer the sole factor in energy conservation. Air movement and moisture control must also be taken into consideration. Our Spray Foam is an expandable foam that will completely seal any gaps and crevices preventing air infiltration, moisture infiltration, as well as the intrusion of dirt and pollutants from the outdoors. In addition, large gaps and crevices are easily filled using U-Control dispensing gun.

Our Spray foam can be used to seal HVAC penetrations through wall junctions.
Our spray foam will act as a sound dampening material, softening surfaces to reduce echo, and will inhibit the passage of sound from one area to another.

Consider Spray Foam of Atlanta's spray foam kits for new construction and the retrofitting of commercial buildings such as:
  • offices
  • universities
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • shopping malls
  • retail outlets
  • warehouses
  • health care facilities
  • airports
  • sports centers
Commercial Wall Insulation

Spray foam insulation could be the best insulation system yet invented for commercial buildings. Look at the following advantages: 

  • On the inside of the wall panel of a building it has an extremely high R value, it has been shown to dramatically increase the racking strength in steel and timber frame buildings, in some instances has been specified to prevent wind uplift in commercial roofing systems. 
  • On the outside of the building it can be used as a combined vapor and air barrier system and is recognized as such when applied to the American Air Barrier Association standards. It can also be used below grade for the insulation of basements and foundation. 
It does not emit VOCs or hydrocarbons and has a proven track record over the last 20 years. 

Commercial Roofing

  • Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing consists of an application of specifically designed foam covered with an elastomeric coating (typically acrylic, silicone or polyurethane) or aggregate covering to protect the foam from ultraviolet rays. Specialized equipment mixes two liquid components at the spray gun that applies the SPF to a prepared substrate. The mixed liquid expands many times its original volume in a matter of seconds, forming a rigid foam plastic that chemically bonds to the surface to which it is sprayed. Spraying the foam in ½” to 1-1/2” lifts allows the applicator to reach the desired thickness to fill in low areas, build up slope, and provide insulation.