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Spray Foam Vs Cellulose

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At Spray Foam Insulation of Atlanta we understand that Cellulose attic insulation is generally considered to be a vastly superior insulating material when you have to choose between fiberglass and cellulose, but it does fall short of all of the amazing qualities of Spray Foam.

Considered by most to be the most environmentally friendly of the insulation material options, cellulose insulation consists of 80 percent recycled newspapers which is mixed with a water-based adhesive and blown in, an advantage of the adhesive is that it is superior to fiberglass at reducing airflow leaks. 

Because of it consists of mostly recycled paper, it poses less of a health risk than fiberglass with respect to breathing loose particles. While posing less of a health risk to humans, it is unattractive to rodents & insects adding some extra pest protection to your building. Another desirable quality of cellulose insulation is that it is great at sound dampening. This can be advantageous for homes and commercial buildings in noisy areas. 
When compared with fiberglass, cellulose is hands-down a better value. On average, its 25% cheaper than fiberglass, and provides 30% more energy conservation per inch of depth.